Cinema and Life

Cinema and Life : life makes a good source material to tell the perfect story and it is when the story is worth telling because it reflects back an actual dimension of a living life.

The use of imagination in cinema can serve the actual life  only when it comes from a genuine place that somehow reflects hypothetical  reality and can be translated into something helpful and usable.

Complexity and Depth:

Presenting a simple story is far from cheap or cheesy or superficial.

to be simple is to make a sophisticated topic look simple, because nothing in real life is simple.

The simplest natural elements either in the human soul or in reality itself is never something to be taken lightly ,

this is why I like focusing on two or three main elements or ideas in every analysis so that the meaning is well focused and easy to grasp and remember.

The First Author:

The hand of the divine is  the first author the universe ever see,

the first unlimited source of creativity,

the one cosmic mind,

the most ancient consciousness that always existed

he started the story of the existence with only one word.

Then the world started to manifest itself,

just imagine things coming to life in a perfect order one by one,

all aligned creating the back scene of nature, from scratch a whole world was created, a whole race of humans came to earth to be the actual characters playing their roles in their own  stories.

they came with special extraordinary abilities and promises to themselves and their fates.

The “Original” Human Role and the Divine Plan:

Everyone created on planet earth is supposed to play a role, a certain one.

it comes naturally according to everyone’s true nature that should be discovered through experiencing life itself .

So, living life with such thing in mind guides the way,

and saves us from all distraction and distortion created by  minds.

To help co-create in reality according to what is real inside humans,

it means making the story way worth telling, and nothing worth telling is without an artistic complexity,

and the artistic complexity in every one’s life is self-exploration and hardships along the way.

You should ask yourself to what extent you think you know who you are?!. And what role you are playing?! Is it real and make sense to you ?!

Because if it is real, it is sacred by nature.

The Free will:

Every character in the story of life is free to play the original role or completely do something different or ignore it,

does this will make those people happy ignoring their original divine plan ? may be or may be not , but there is a wisdom in giving the story an open gate to create even poorly as a choice of those people themselves.

It does not mean we shall stop telling others about the right way that brings ultimate meaning /happiness to their life ,

this does not mean either we dictate their choices – except for if it has a negative effect on society .


Different life stories- Life Lesson:

Everyone is free to take the road that leads to best possible outcome , but because people are not necessarily aware of what is the best possible outcome they get faced by tough reality that is supposed to help them get enlightened about their path .

And because no one is like the other, and we have different natures , abilities , skills , cravings , and aspirations

we are not the same , we are not supposed to be.

and just like in cinema there are comedians, there are gurus , there are dark forces, warriors, there are people who are in between , there are believers and there are disbelievers.

there is unlimited potential for both good and evil

And the way determines who far we can go in each.