Chasing liberty lack of Experience

Chasing Liberty : a romantic action movie

telling the story of the president’s daughter and her wish to experience more freedom as a normal kid who wants  to feel alive and live freely without so much constraints .

Freedom and Responsibilities :

Taking a job or a profession affects all faces of our life .

Choosing a job means being committed to its ethics and morals , specially if it is a political position or a public job .

But sometimes we get in places where we have to act a certain way when we actually never signed to such mission or duty .

It is because only you are a relative to someone who did indeed sign to serve their country , you are now part of the deal .

You already have responsibilities.

Like being a prince or a princess in a monarchy,

they have responbilities  from the time they are adults or even before when they are still children.

This is the thing about representation,

representing an entity means commitment to its principles

and taking care of its image by acting unquestionably  decent and  with courtesy.

President’s Daughter was lucky to have the advantages of being the daughter of the president

yet she was under excessive control out of protection and obligation.

One just said,  in this life everything is a compromise .

Because it is just a life , everything has a price .

So this is the price of being a celebrity for example , losing part of their privacy .

And the price of being successful is getting a lot of criticism in addition to putting a lot of time and effort for the sake of mastering work .

We only choose our packages and compose our deals according to our own needs and abilities .

Importance of Freedom and Gaining Experience :

In societies that is based on human individuality and human centrism like western culture , empowering individual thinking is very powerful, sometimes to an extreme level .

Which does give maturity  and growth and confidence .. yet it lowers the opportunity to see beyond human individual realm .

Societies may suffer uncertainty , extreme materialism and anxieties .. which leads  to searching beyond the individual to find another collective realm to work on .

So things like cults and spiritual practices start to fill a little place of this gap.

On the other hand societies based on collective interest  not individual interest …they tend to prioritize protection of individual awareness which help not get lost but ultimately slow down the individual growth .

Both sides are culturally important as unlimited freedom may take all progress to a fall in an empty meaningless life .

And over protection makes a person dependent in his thinking .

The collaboration of both means having a perfect balance where freedom is the basic ground for learning  and protection is for  saving society from using freedom against itself .

In the movie,  This is what Mr. president did.

He gave his daughter a calculated space enough to experience her own freedom in front of his eyes.

And he succeeded yet failed, because simply he did not discuss his strategy with her .

He did not talk with her openly to negotiate and persuade her that this is the best for her.

Instead he planned to watch over her while she gets hurt because his team and his plan was to protect only her body and behavior  not her heart and her consciousness too .