Charmers: original teenage /suspense series by Brat .T.v. “an innovative network that produces pretty decent original shows on YouTube, directed mainly to teenagers”.

The show as an independent network production is very well executed and seems almost professional,

I like to borrow one of the viewer’s comments “it has so much potential”.

Personally I find it both exciting and convincing,

but the most important thing is that it reflects the growing spiritual/ mystical trends that smoothly start to run in the western veins balancing the materialistic solid view of the world.

Innovators using the Existing Resources:

You don’t need a complex or super advanced technology or a big budget to start a project or to begin executing an innovative work that you are excited about.
Let your simple yet neat and decent work speak for itself.
It is not a matter of big production,

it is all about putting pieces together in the right places that make sense to you and to the audience.

Alongside with genuine gift and a burning passion comes the creation, the inspiration and the relevance.

Youtube and other platforms like tiktok, facebook ..etc, helped so many talents and so many ungifted yet popular influencers that got a wide range of viewers.

But that is the way it is,

we use the best that we have to serve the real worth shining art,

the one with a real message, and meaningful content.

General Look:

The series is light,

the story and the script is quiet simple yet entertaining.

It uses so many notions from spiritual actual practices like crystals

And concepts like spiritual guides and awakening, light and dark forces.

Yet merging the aspiration to reach the beyond with magical spells and charms with the modern and recent spiritual practices is smart.

Teenage series also has something exciting about it,

it brings hope and fresh spirit to the movies.


The lead actor being the main witch or the key to activating her friends abilities in capin 15 is understandable

sense, most classical stories had one main lead/ main character that is most likely to be smart and kind and sensitive. 

The evil side or the villain was not quiet intense or with powerful abilities enough to make the thrill go high which takes from the overall value of the work.

Because the bigger the threat is, the stronger the hero, the bigger the challenge, the better the story.

They could have used more of the music that trigger suspense and tension.

this could have helped greatly, alongside with slower build up to events

because the story was going too fast that it did not help the viewer settle with the beautiful details of the camp.

It is important to make the audience get emotionally involved with the environment before the danger hits.

The classical insider / outsider, nice and mean camps or sisterhoods is a repeated beautiful pattern that teenage films are famous of.

Overall very good work that is worth encouraging and watching if you are bored or if you are a teenage movies fan like me.