Cast Away Isolation

Cast Away : a drama / adventure  movie produced in 2000 about A man who had to live by himself on a distant island after his plan got crushed and he became the only survivor.

What is so Great about cast Away ?!

The movie is a memorable masterpiece , very famous and well appreciated by the audience.

What is enjoyable about the movie is that it projects life from an unusual perspective which is a non social perspective .

Most people don’t want to have time and set by themselves to explore that inner connection with oneself and they don’t imagine life without people .

Which is understandable becouse it is not from the human nature to live by ourselves in a distant island .

But the movie is making the audience live the experiance with Tom Hanks the actor who played the main role .

Empathizing with Survival Struggle :

It opens the audience up to the possibility of living such circumstances and makes us wonder what if it did happen to us?!

What would we do if we are in his place?!

What would we do ?!

having knowledge about  ways of survival may not be enough and may not work .

becouse the main reason that makes most people fight to survive is their connections, relations , families and societies .

The frustration of surviving cold weather and harsh primitive circumstances and the little hope of  getting  beck to civilization gives the movie the edge of struggle which has a deep effect in the audience .

Primitive Life and  Products of Civilization :

When Tom Hanks searched for something from the plane crush to use as a survival tool like food or useful item he did not find much .

He only found  delivary backages that were full of unnecessary stuff and did not help in building a shelter or something practical to use .

Referring to that luxurious stuff of Civilization does not matter in primitive Life of nature .

But he found the ball that later on became his best friend Wilson after accidently printing his hand blood mark on it .

Also had the picture of the woman he used to love to remind him of his past life and connect him back to civilization .

Adaptation and Natural Transformation :

All species have ways of adaptation.

Insects and animals uses hibernation ” not moving ”  in winter so that they save their energy.

And desert plants saves water juices so they can survive water drought.

Desert plants have thorns that matches the toughness of such environment .

The primitive man in past ages did not have body  fats or cars to take him to his destination .

He instead had to earn his food by hunting or fishing daily which made him fit and healthy .

We notices the transformation that happened to Tom Hanks right after he waked up in an island comparing to after several years.

He seemed thiner and wilder by shewing fishs right after fishing .

Also became primitive in clothes wearing very few and simple pieces that helps him move in nature and find his food .

Inventing Fire :

Sometimes we take things for granted that we forget how blessed and lucky we are .

In a world that reached incredible levels of industrial innovation . We still are grateful to the very first invention that transformed humanity and started civilizations.

Fire is underrated invention that Tom Hanks laughed so hard when  he had that first spark .

He made  fire to keep away wild animals and snakes .

He needed fire too to cook food and lighten the way at night and to warm him up 

A brilliant scene of Tom Hanks using a lighter after he got saved , shows how much little things are huge indeed and after big and experiences we learn to be grateful for every little thing we have .