Being one with Music in Rhythm Divine

Rhythm Divine : a song by singer Enrique Iglesias

The idea of Beat :

Quantum physics tells us that the world speaks the language of vibration because of its energetic nature,

it tells that the vibration coming from all things has a certain pattern of beat, and  even waves have a certain width and length and distribution.

The rhythm divine:

As the cosmos is already organized, and was created a certain specific precise way,

it already has its own beat /rhythm

even in silence while we are hearing nothing there is a universal cosmic song that is playing in another dimension.


Words, shapes  and rhythms :


In the book of life, all living things and all existent things are written words.

they are written words that have meaning, purpose and a story and a life of its own.

Alive words are people and streets, fruits, animals, desert, land, sea

Everything around you even air is an alive word

But the one  creature with the highest unlimited potential for life is the human who carries a direct access to the life source itself through soul.

Every living word has a specific multidimensional geometric shape that defines its energetic identity and embodies its physical image and actual real existence.

All words and shapes are  in a harmonious alignment with the cosmic song that makes the existence alive and vibrant matching the divine rhythm.


On tune:


The first time I ever buy a guitar I had no idea that there is a tuner that is for  setting strings the right way where it should give “on tune” sounds.

when strings were too loose it did not give the right tune,

and when it was too stretched it did not give it either.

Which means that there is a specific range to the cosmic tune, that any distortion out of it makes  – off tune – ,

not pretty and just dissonance.

My impression on the right tune:


The right tune represents harmony ,

it has an organized pattern of beat, it does not hurt the ear out of distraction, it is at ease.

Even if it is a strong and powerful tune representing determination, inspiration and motivation.The right tune works, it is good for the ears and for the soul, and it is nourishment.

Lost in the music your heart will be mine:


You probably are asking what all this has to do with the rhythm divine famous song by famous singer Enrique Iglesias

it is that the song has  a very  lovable – on tune – rhythms

very at ease , flows effortlessly , very harmonious with the singer voice and the general atmosphere of romance that  completes the piece

it works smoothly as if it is divine

One with music – Life Lesson:


You may know that feeling when other people’s emotions can have influence on others and affect them, moves them.

this has something to do with the personal trait of empathy.

Such trait is the one that makes us merge energetically or align with the tunes that we like the most,

this is what we call sometimes  (becoming one with the music),

it means that we are on the same beat of the song at that moment.