Avatar : a science fiction – action movie, stunning production from the story to the characters and the beautiful visionary effects,

Also the attractive colors of the scenes where the imagined parallel world of the avatar take place.

Another Reality or the Avatar Dream:

The movie scenes is everyone’s dream of living in such magical parallel world,
another land which can be visited by dreaming and getting in touch with oneself in a new body living a new life that exists in another dimension of reality and space-time.
This remind us with living vivid dreams where adventures take place and there are no limits to our abilities.

The Avatar world:

it is a primitive world which takes everything as it is,
with no further arguing from the mind.
Everything in the avatar world is sacred, and respected including animals, plants, and ancestor’s spirits.
In the Avatar Land life is appreciated, earth is worshiped for that it is the source of life cycles and ongoing wisdom,
It has an ecological system and balance.
Earth is the teacher and energy is the magic transferred between species.
All creatures are equal, they all are part of the non-stopping energy transfer.
The primitive world of the avatar is highly intelligent and disciplined by the natural flow of life itself.

Primitive Instincts:

the beautiful charm of such world is a byproduct of its primitive way of living,
reminding us that humans have primitive instincts but they almost lost believing in them because they let their minds dictate their lives .
The idea is that our bodies have a natural intelligent system that helps us connect with nature, and with ourselves through feelings.
It also knows the natural laws of life without learning them or without a previous knowledge, It can wake us up like as if we have natural inner alarm
It can sense the directions and feel the magnetic fields and signals it gets .
The body has an energetic roots that connects us to earth.
We are connected to nature in so many ways and specially through our bodies.

A new Meaning for Life:

The hero soldier discovered a whole new aspect of life when he started practicing trusting his own instincts in jumping, flying, fighting or doing any physical act
Even love became more meaningful when it is seen as a natural primitive feeling.

Primitive has its Morals- Life Lesson:

All morals that the soldier learned came from this point of letting go and being rather than doing.
All courage and wisdom and leadership and loyalty and sense of justice appeared to the soldier as givens… As a truth …
This bypasses any calculations of the mind or any personal selfish interests of the ego, and maybe this is what we need to relearn now more than anytime.
The ego dies when we start connecting with our natural body intelligence.
We need to learn Just to let go of mental arguments and start living from a modest inner place that accepts things as they are, rather than trying to change the unchangeable or mess with the natural flow of life.