Art and Human Expression

Introduction :

Art is the window of the soul, the river from which all feelings can flow … No matter how complex it is .. Art never fails to embody our contradicted feelings… Or help us release some of the tension coming from unexpressed emotions…. Like Anger, love, hate, sadness, joy……. Everything we feel is valuable, everything we feel is important.

Types of Expressive Art :

There are so many artistic channels from which we can express ourselves like acting or using the body in the Therapeutic dance, or painting helping our imagination to go wild, or sing using our voice to release stuck vibes..
. The process of creating is healing and it keeps getting better once we know our tools and learn how to use them.

the value of Art :

Art is important to our lives.. To do art or to see art both are equally important… Because creating is releasing and seeing is learning and self charging for that it is a universal language that can be shared, enjoyed and appreciated as a source of entertainment . …. It can give us the chance to touch the infinite light of our soul and see the beauty in our own suffering, it can shed a light on our most darkest feelings and accept it with grace .