Cat woman Animal Instinct  

Cat woman : an action movie telling the story of a woman that had a chance of reliving her life as a Cat spirit in a human body, re-experiencing life from a more free and empowering perspective.

Patience kills patience:

The Cat woman before turning to a cat spirit she was patience.

A very quite, shy  and submissive  girl who is avoidant to conflict , arguments , expressing herself or even being assertive to her own rights.

She is nice and manage to live a peaceful  life away from danger or risk .

Till circumstances puts her in a situation where her destiny and her patience gets her in a deadly situation.

She had to deliver her work at a late time at night where she found out something she should not have to discover about her company corruption  in selling beauty products .

Patience could have the guts to deliver her work the other day , the next day .

Sure she was afraid of loosing her job but delaying work sometimes is ok .  It is Not the end of the world.

Patience did not have strong personality enough to prove her point the other day or defend her delay.

instead she delivered the work at a late time at night and lost her life.

Sometimes patience in unhealthy  situations is very wrong.

Patience is wrong in disrespectful situations , toxic relations , unhealthy environments , controlling families, manipulative or argumentative conversations that are aimless.

In those situations  getting out is a total win

And patience is a total loss of time , energy and sometimes sanity .

Cat Spirit and the Human Animal Nature in cat woman :

After the Egyptian historic cat gave patience her gift of life she transformed into her own instinctual being .

Patience did not change, she only could able to let go of her animal side which became sharper and even more natural than her old self.

her personality update  of  gaining a powerful edge  helped her to show her  gifts that she had no chance of showing before.

Cat woman is assertive in a powerful aggressive way .

Extreme cat woman when under the effect of her powers , she was able to commit things but apologize for them later.

But she did not turn to evil either hurting others in purpose

so, cat woman is pretty much about the powerful self concept which is not a bad thing . It is a necessary thing .

The Philosophical Definition of a Human Being :

One of the most famous emphasis on this topic ” definitions of a human being”  is that a Human being  is a thinking animal or an animal with the ability to think .

According to this definition which is  old yet valid , a human has two major sources of power .

First is the ability to feel while using the animal or natural instincts like the need to run away or face in case of danger.

The natural Instinct of searching for food when hungry.

Attaching when under threat .

The natural Instinct of freedom of choice.

And all other physical needs .

Second : is the ability to think , judge and make a decision to act or not act on our emotions and this what makes us different from animals .

Both are important sides yet the mind is where the glory of being human is .

And this does not mean to ignore the animal that can really be a source of wisdom itself when listened to , accepted and loved while aligning with the mind and working together.