Abstraction, Theory and Crystals

Abstraction, Theory and Crystals : Most people prefer to live on the detailed material physical level of life, but it does not mean that there is higher more collective general and intense level which is the soul level.

There are many shades to truth, but none of them is distorted,

we can’t call ugly beautiful or lie as truth

  distorted is distorted,

there are wrong doings that don’t make life healthy it makes it sick.

and it makes people aligning with it sick too and cut them from the divine order.

and there are right doings that makes people healthy and align them with the natural flow of life. 


Levels of Existence:


There is a divine order in everything that is natural.

every disorder comes from the interference of the human hand that suffers imbalance.

Still the true nature of life as a level of existence without interfering corrupted perspectives is a small limited shortcut version to higher dimensions of reality that is the actual reality which we don’t see or experience by our senses but we get it by our souls.




The way to perceive the higher dimensions is trough intuition or instant insights

also emotions that come or rise with visions that are pretty much unexplainable and hard to interpret.

To channel this kind of raw energy from the higher dimensions is to make an abstraction which is a language of its own

it is a language of connecting on wide and higher scale.

Abstraction is sort of raw existence

this is why it is not a common taste,

and not a lot of people feel comfortable with a bulk of non-translated feelings and insights thrown at them as they are.


Theory – Abstracted Ideas – :


We can see that the philosophy of abstraction exist in many forms,

it is a language common in many fields.  

for example, dance.. There are moves that come straight from the soul that represent raw human emotions or it represents the sacredness like yoga poses,

in art there is the surreal school that represent the beyond physical world.

in writing, there is theory which is all abstraction, generalization of  ideas.

the way we perceive consciousness in theory  is not in a fragmented way but in a bulky way.




The raw nature also shows in multidimensional clusters of minerals.

crystals are  healing and have positive radiant nature.

The thing about crystals is that they symbolize the multi-dimensional reality,

they become crystals after being under great deal of heat and pressure

and they are with great value for that reason

 for being purely alive as raw pieces of the universe from which positive energy flourish.


The Soul and the Fabric of Reality – Life Lesson:


We saw examples of direct flow of energy like in intuition, insights,

even in science and arts  there is abstraction,

even in nature and the formation of crystals

 now there is the hidden nature of reality or the ultimate truth.

the fabric of reality is formed by words, geometric shapes from which we install the knowledge of both abstraction and theorizing .

Of course the soul is the best teacher which  everyone already has, but not everyone is trained to trust its knowledge which is pretty much raw and from higher realms of existence.