17 Again’s Decision Making ( the importance of taking good decisions )

17 again : A story of an unsatisfied man who finds out that his decisions in the past did not serve him well.

and he wished to come back with time and fulfill his dreams and full potential. This is when he finds himself 17 again to fix the track of his life.

Setting Priorities is preparing before decision making :

In life we have got to make so many choices according to what are the most important things that matter to us, and accordingly we start to design a life that works the best for those general goals that differ from one to another … for example some see education and knowledge as priority, some sees career, some sees stability, some sees personal growth.

Also knowing our main values and principles makes it easier to make the life changing decisions that shapes our future in a smart way, and make the best investment in our life.

the requirements of making a good Decision :

A series of decisions we make every day starting from what we are going to eat to what we are going to execute in our daily to do list, but the most crucial part of deciding is the process of deciding itself.

It shall be known that not all emotions are a good base to build decisions on, even if all emotions are valid, and not all ideas are a good base to build decisions on either because there are the known ” mistakes of thinking ” that makes us produce distorted ideas about reality, or because the lack of information makes our perception paralyzed or unclear.

To make a good decision there are 3 main elements that shall be checked:

  • Emotional state

  • Logical state

  • Intuition

And this is where the real work starts by checking in the facts behind our emotions, fixing distorted mental patterns by seeing reality as it is, and exploring our intuitive natural responses.

Even in the smallest situations we have got to decide what emotions that is not productive to keep holding on, like unnecessary guilt or extra feeling of responsibility.

On logical level there is the unnecessary drama that comes from wanting life to be perfect or expecting oneself to hit the level of excellence right away  which is imprecise way of thinking.

There is the intuition that help us exclude so many choices that don’t satisfy our soul .

Fundamental Decisions:

The quality of our lives depend on the quality of the decisions we make..  Because every decision is either an investment, a step towards a bigger goal, a nice management of the moment just passing through.. or a none sense, soulless waste of time that leads to no growth or actual benefit .

But some decisions are more crucial than others, because they are shaping our fate and destiny and they are basically:

  • Field of study

  • Choosing the life partner

  • Career

Defining what you are going to invest your energy in for the sake of learning affects your life in terms of either it will make you happy and energized or not, and this is a main activity to do for the rest of your life, if missed in some way, it means you will be learning about something you don’t care about, it means you won’t be happy learning at all.

The same goes for career but choosing the life partner is even more dangerous because the effect of human interaction transcends all other effects, it is an exchange of energy which can be supportive or depriving.

They are also choices for long term effects, not a shirt for a day or a haircut for a month; it is a life time investment which shall be smart.

Never too late / life lesson :

Suppose disempowering choices have been already made, like in the movie the timing of the main character’s marriage was too early and he lost the chance of pursuing his main dream to be a famous football player, but after magically turning back to 17 he learned to appreciate his life as it is, and pass his dream to his talented son who was gifted in the same game.

Which means it is never too late, and there is always a way to fix things in a way that satisfies our soul either by radical change we choose to make or by finding creative ways to pursue our dreams within the boundaries of what is , the important thing is as long as we stay  true to ourselves, what we want and what we believe , there is a very small chance we make wrong or disempowering decisions .